It was only just last Friday that countless Americans woke up at insane hours of the morning to watch a royal wedding. “Birthers” were still trying to deny Obama’s long-form birth certificate. And Seth Meyers (along with Obama) destroyed Trump at the White House Press dinner. In fact, Meyers told one of the very last bin Laden (living version) jokes ever. Closer to home, our freezer was dead, and the refrigerator itself wasn’t far behind.

Then suddenly, the world spun round and round.

In just one day, Bin Laden was dead (but not the jokes). “Birthers” traded in for a new moniker: “deathers.” Refrigerator/freezer: new one on order, along with a dishwasher and a wad of debt. And Trump? I think his campaign (or at least his chances) faded out with the last of the press corp’s centerpieces. The royal wedding: totally and completely passé.

On the world’s playing field, the game is not just afoot but moving quickly. I like the point Jon Stewart made on the Daily Show on Monday evening. Bin Laden has been the face of what was. Now, he’s outta here–and the kids in Egypt are the new faces of not just the Mideast but change in general.

Here at home, in our own homes, positive change usually comes slower and on much smaller scales. But this week, at least I can say that overnight my food is once again refrigerated and my dishes are getting clean. Continued, positive personal change does not come without a clean morning coffee mug.