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Air Conditioning on in March? In Chicago? Maybe

Yes, you read that right. We Chicagoans are experiencing the most remarkable winter/spring ever! Day after day this week, long-standing record highs have been cast aside. And while the “Groundhog Day Blizzard” of 2011 will go down as the frosting… Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Post-Mortem

So, after a rather grouchy, political blog, I’m back with a more cheerful post-mortem on Thursday’s feast. We had a great time with David’s sister Victoria, who braved the Thanksgiving rush to fly up from Florida to visit us. Last… Continue Reading →

Shaking Up Those Holiday Traditions

Most people who have known me for a really long time realize that at heart I’ve always been a really serious traditionalist. Don’t get that mixed up with conservative (which I’m not)–but the sentimental type of traditionalist. As a native… Continue Reading →

Flamous — Go Check It Out!

I have just eaten the most nutritious, earth friendly mass-produced chip in existence, Ithink.  It’s called the Spicy Falafel chip by Flamous Brands. Tastes like a falaffel but looks like a chip. Non-GMO, totally organic, completely kosher (for Passover) and Hallel and… Continue Reading →

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