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Hear Us Roar!

Just as it was for 59,938,290 other voters, the morning of Nov. 9, 2016, was excruciatingly hard for me to face. Still on a high from the Cubs’ World Series Championship, I had been planning on a “When Pigs Fly”… Continue Reading →

Google Chrome Apps, Clouds & Iowa

Odd title, right? It’ll make sense soon, I promise. Let me start right away saying that I am not being paid by Google or any app/website to write this blog. This is purely a fan letter to Google Chrome Web… Continue Reading →

As the World Spins Round & Round

It was only just last Friday that countless Americans woke up at insane hours of the morning to watch a royal wedding. “Birthers” were still trying to deny Obama’s long-form birth certificate. And Seth Meyers (along with Obama) destroyed Trump… Continue Reading →

Osama Dead, U.S. Briefly Unites

Did you feel that moment? It lasted long enough for us Americans to take a collective deep, cleansing breath together as a nation. The symbol of 9/11 is dead. Let it out. Don’t we feel better? We had all of… Continue Reading →

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