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Carpooling with Boys (The Jr Viking Football Carpool)

Originally Published August 10, 2011: If you were one of those who used to follow my old blog, you may remember that I mentioned the Jr. Viking football carpool here and there. This year’s carpool is the same plus two…. Continue Reading →

Doggy Bifocals

David and I have been together for so long that we are actually on our second generation of pets. Back in the day, there was Harvey, the coolest cat ever, and his best friend Lucy, our devoted Old English Sheepdog…. Continue Reading →

Neighbors, Have I Got Neighbors

I’ve been reflecting quite a bit over the past week or so about the concept of Neighbors and what a unique relationship neighbors have with each other. Neighbors aren’t family. And unlike friends, we don’t actually choose our neighbors. We… Continue Reading →

On Writing

Like many people, I accidently stumbled on my career. No one really sets out with a determination to be a marketing professional and web developer. [Can you imagine, 25 years ago, telling your friends that you want to be a… Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day: What Mom (at least this one) Really Wants

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been bombarded by ads online, on the radio and on TV that are trying to sell us gifts to give to our mothers for Mother’s Day. Everything from flowers, candy and perfume to… Continue Reading →

A fresh cup of coffee

Today, I poured myself a fresh cup of coffee and realized that the blog Millennium Mom just had to go. She was really irritating me. The concept was good. But in the end, it was limiting. Yes, I’m a mom…. Continue Reading →

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