CoffeeWithCarolineI am a
communications and marketing strategist and content professional currently working a part-time gig in communications for a Chicago-area research university.

I recently signed on as a Pampered Chef Independent Consultant, combining my more than 15-years self-employment experience and nearly 30 years of Mar / Com expertise with one of my persona favorites, food & cooking! You can find my Pampered Chef page at or follow me on my business Facebook page,

Since the pandemic, I have returned to part-time remote work, which I enjoy much more than I remember. Perhaps that is because my spouse is now remote with me in our near-north suburban home. We are modern empty nesters, with two adult children on their own and one adult child who bounces in and out by the day or week. My mother also lands in our nest every other month, as she splits her time between my brother and me. With two Old English Sheepdogs and a very vocal cat, ours can be a boisterous and sometimes crowded house but is always a lively, loving, and welcoming home.

Coffee with Caroline is my attempt to actively write about that which I am most passionate:

  • Food & Cooking
  • Contemporary Recipes & Historical Receipts
  • Books, Authors & Reading
  • Urban Home & Garden
  • Social Justice & Equity

Some of my writing also appears on: Articles on this site include:

I am STILL working on two different non-fiction book ideas. One blends my love of history and cooking. The other is a series of short books biographies for girls in grades 4 through 6 on strong, interesting, but lesser known women in history (no princesses).

I know that millions of cooking, history, and book-related blogs and websites exist, and I want to thank you for stopping by my tiny little corner!