Another snowy day in Chicagoland.

Cups and Cups of Coffee

So,  I’m helping a friend set up a blog and just realized that I haven’t posted in almost two months. Intolerable!

While introducing my friend to the world of WordPress, I noticed that my most popular blog continues to be my cranberry sauce recipe. Thank you! I still love it, too.

I was shocked that lots and lots of people flock to Starbucks on really snowy Sundays. I remember hanging out at the very crowded Starbucks next to Second City when my kids took classes in Old Town location–but on Dempster Street in Skokie? Who knew . . .

When I’m at Starbucks, I really try to stay away from the high calorie or artificially sweetened coffee delights, such as the Mocha and the Skinny Latte. Instead, I stick to my reliable Pike’s Place. On early morning commutes, I’m also known to order a venti dark roast, with no room for cream.


My blood runs brown with coffee . . .

At home, our Keurig K-cup maker bit the dust. We are currently using a Hamilton Beach dual-function coffee maker. One side is the traditional coffee pot for which you can use ground coffee in the traditional filters. The other side features single cup brewing. For this side, you can use a re-usable k-cup substitute filled with your own ground coffee, a K-cup or equivalent of your choice, or just run hot water for tea. We have a couple of tea and hot chocolate drinkers in our home who love this feature. My husband and I are enjoying the cheaper bags of ground coffee. One bonus feature (for us) in this newish coffee maker is that the water reservoir is on the right side of the coffee maker. This allows us to keep the coffee maker right next to the sink and eliminates having to move the maker out from under the upper cabinets every time we fill the reservoir.

With our new(ish) coffeemaker, we are back to using Starbucks and Peet’s blends but have also recently added Illy to our list of favorites. It sells for at least two dollars less at our local market than at even Target and makes for a great treat every once in a while.


John Adams’ study at Peacefield, in Quincy, Mass.

Presidents’ Day Reading

Tomorrow is President’s Day. In honor of our esteemed leaders, our high schoolers have school; our 8th grader does not. He also didn’t have school on Friday for parent-teacher conferences, for which I forgot to register. He and I did have a great mom-son day out, though. Unfortunately, tomorrow is all about work for both of us: his homework; my work.

If you are at all a fan of history, you can celebrate the day reading an article or two of mine on visiting the homes of the U.S. Presidents. So far, I have written five and am working on the sixth, which covers the presidents of the Gilded Age.

1. The Virginians
1.5 John Adams & John Quincy Adams
2. The Jacksonian Era
3. Pre-Civil War Presidents
4. Abraham Lincoln
5. Andrew Johnson & Ulysses S. Grant