Last night I read a posting for Knitters Who Blog, challenging folks to keep write a blog every day in the month of September. On, which I use in my never-ending, pointless battle to permanently shed some weight, a challenge was posted to exercise each day in the month of September. From this post, you can surely conclude which challenge I selected. (And also understand why my weight battle is pointless at this particular moment in time.)

I do not plan writing about knitting every day of September. But seeing as how the challenge is the one I have opted to do this month, I might as well start with a quick plug for my latest knitting project (also a challenge in itself). I can’t go into specifics here, since the intended recipient might read this post. But this is one of the largest knitting projects I have ever undertaken.

ImageToday I cast on 375 stitches, knit for 3 hours and had gone 10 rows. More than 3,700 stitches–and I haven’t even made it onto the color chart yet!

The weather today was perfect for a knit-a-thon. Dreary, rainy, and a good preview of autumnal weather, I was able to curl up with the hubby and watch Northwestern (barely) beat Syracuse in their season opener while knitting and perling my way to 3700 stitches. While I’m writing this, row 11 is underway. And I had better crank out row 12 tonight as well, if I have any hope of finishing this project before the holidays.