I love my coffee–and since receiving my K-Cup coffee maker as a Christmas present, I’ve been loving my coffee even more. So many different types of coffee to try from so many different purveyors. In fact, in the beginning, it was a bit overwhelming. What was good? What was bad?

This page is an on-going coffee review blog for people like me: those whose first morning cup of coffee can make or break the day, those who list their blood type as C.

For the record, I drink my coffee black–unless I’m at a restaurant and the coffee is atrocious. In that case, I add cream. Sometimes I treat myself to a iced coffee blend–but for review purposes, all coffees are tasted without any additional ingredients.

Emeril’s Big Easy Bold

When I received my K-Cup maker, a variety of K-Cups came with the coffee maker. I tried all of them as well as others from different sources. Eventually the coffee that I settled on as my “house blend” is Emeril’s Big Easy Bold. It is perfect for those first cups of morning coffee. It is blended from dark, 100% Arabica beans and is bold enough to wake me up with its a strong taste (but no bitterness) and full coffee aroma. The packaging lists it as “intense” and “robust”–and I definitely agree. I recommend Emeril’s Big Easy Bold for any coffee drinker who likes a strong cup(s) of morning coffee. The coffee is 50% Rainforest Alliance Certified. Available for a low price through amazon.com or for automatic delivery from greenmountaincoffee.com. 2012/9/2.

This is an on-going blog post that you easily can access at any time on my Coffee, Anyone? page. Please be sure to let me know what coffee you’d like to see reviewed.