Gratitude – 10 Good Things:

  1. Work is insanely, happily busy. This is a good thing for freelancers, where work usually runs feast or famine. I have 3 rush-job websites and a last-minute ad design on my plate for this weekend.
  2. I’ve met some interesting people recently, mainly through work projects and a fun networking lunch group.
  3. I just updated from Adobe CS3 to CS5 today–very exciting, in a geeky sort of way.
  4. Autumn is coming–my favorite time of the year! I can’t wait to start roasting chicken and pork and making chili. I love the food of fall and winter.
  5. Our youngest has adapted well to middle school. He’s not one for big changes, and I was slightly–and, happily, needlessly–worried. He’s traded in his football uniform for gymnastics with no regrets and is well suited for flying through the air.
  6. Our oldest is much happier as a high school sophomore than she was as a freshman, is back in the world of theater, and showing promise as a future PR pro. Big thanks to Karen Kring (professional photographer and media strategist as well as blogger at Live from Skokie) for the loaner camera and for taking interest in our creative, individualistic girl.
  7. Our middle guy is finding his footing in improv. His rapid come-backs and one-liners make dinner time sooo entertaining! And you’ll never know how tall he’ll be or what his voice will sound like by the time dinner rolls around tomorrow.
  8. We had a great visit with my brilliant and fun-loving sister-in-law Victoria, who also has taken Kate under her publicity wing and had her work a WorldCon exhibit booth with her this month.
  9. My husband got to hang in Costa Rica with his big brothers last month. Continue to support DH’s music, especially through
  10. This blog is finally getting read–even though it is often rather light and fluffy.

Tomorrow is ad-design day. Hopefully, I’ll have a rough to show you all in the afternoon. You know, Friday is show-and-tell day.