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4 Months Since Injury–Seems like 4 Years

The other day, our 16-year-old and I were on our way somewhere and a silly guy she dated briefly came up in conversation. “When was that?” I asked. “Last summer,” said she. “Really? Was it just last summer?” “He was… Continue Reading →

Coming Soon: Surgery #3

It’s been two months and one day since my husband’s car accident, which required emergency surgery on his shattered heel (calcaneal bone) and a follow-up debridement surgery to remove dead tissue and install a wound vac. Now we are looking… Continue Reading →

Continuing Journey of a Calcaneal Kind–Week 6

This coming Wednesday marks 6 weeks since my husband’s car accident and subsequent calcaneal surgery. This past Wednesday (week 5), he had a quick out-patient surgery to place a wound vac (which, in a haze, I seem to keep calling… Continue Reading →

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