Originally Published August 10, 2011:

If you were one of those who used to follow my old blog, you may remember that I mentioned the Jr. Viking football carpool here and there. This year’s carpool is the same plus two. Five families in all, all 5th- and 6th-grade boys. Carpooling with boys is, frankly, so much more entertaining and lighthearted than carpooling with girls. No drama, no high-pitched shrieking laughter, no backstabbing . . .

I think last year I highlighted our adventures with the radio (classic rock) and the saga of Bacon Man. Last week, one of their conversation streams turned into God’s burrito:
Boy 1: “If God could eat any food in the world, I think he’d eat a burrito.”
Boy 2: “Put some ambrosia on it and He’s good to go!”
Boy 3: “But would God know how to make one?”
Boy 4: “Of course, he’s GOD” . . .

This led to great names for restaurants: Ambrosia Burritos, Ambrosia Mexican, and/or Ambrosia Gyros. [Don’t bother–I’ve already trademarked all of them.]

Tonight’s topic coming home: car sickness, vomit, and marshmallows in the back seat. [I said lighthearted. I didn’t claim it wasn’t gross.] We also addressed the concept of bent light and reality (courtesy of Mr. Pete).  Finally, after we’d dropped off the last football player,  Pete, Sam, and I rounded the corner for home. As Pete put it: “We turn on . . . Tripp” as he makes a tripping gestures. For 13 years, we’ve lived in this neighborhood. I’ve never connected Tripp Street to tripping.

So, that’s the update from the land of little Vikings. Tomorrow morning, Kate becomes a full-fledged Viking as she starts official cross country practice as a high school freshman! I doubt those girls talk about Bacon Man. And I know there won’t be a carpool. The daughter wants a public bus pass (it’s not cool to take the free school bus).